QLab Hidden Colors
I found these using a script that tested color names from the XKCD color survey.

Some Good Movies
Once (2006)
Arrival (2016)
Ocean’s 8 (2018)

Internet ephermera that bring me joy

Applescript Scippets for Spotify

// fade Spotify volume over time
on fadeInBackground(vol, inc, dly)
do shell script "osascript -e 'tell application "Spotify"' -e 'repeat with i from sound volume to " & vol & " by " & inc & "' -e 'if (sound volume - i is greater than 1) or (sound volume - i is less than -2) then exit repeat' -e 'set sound volume to i' -e 'delay " & dly & "' -e 'end repeat' -e 'end tell'&> /dev/null&"
end fadeInBackground

// set system volume
set lvl to 75 --from 0 to 100
set volume (lvl / 12.5)

Beaver Works

Link to time in Spotify URI

Mesta Machine Company built most of the heavy industrial machines that powered the 20th century, here’s their sales brocure. https://archive.org/details/plantproductofme00mest/page/n6